2022 Cosmoprof Bologna

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Update time : 2022-07-29 16:07:37

Cosmoprof Bologna, a beauty exhibition in Bologna, Italy in 2022, was organized by sogecos and Bolognafiere, an exhibition group of Bologna, Italy. The holding cycle is once a year. This exhibition will be held on April 28, 2022. The exhibition will be held in Bologna Piazza della costituzione, Italy, 540128 Bologna Bologna, Italy. The exhibition area is expected to reach 180400 square meters and the number of exhibitors will reach 250000, The number of exhibitors and brands reached 2677.

Cosmoprof, founded in 1967, is the world's first beauty brand exhibition. It has a long history and enjoys a high reputation. It is regularly held in Bologna Exhibition Center, Italy every year In the past 46 years, Cosmoprof has become the most concerned and important event in the field of beauty and hairdressing in the world. Now it pays special attention to the hot spring spa industry!

With many exhibitors and complete product styles, Bologna comoprof beauty exhibition enjoys a high reputation in the world. It is also listed as the largest and most authoritative global Beauty Expo by the Guinness Book of world. Most of the world's famous beauty companies have set up large booths here to release the latest products and technologies. In addition to a large number of products and technologies, comoprof also directly affects and creates the trend of the world trend.

Since the 2011 exhibition, cosmopack and Cosmoprof have been exhibited at the same time, which is more convenient for visitors. Buyers focus on the whole exhibition. According to the previous reports of Chinese exhibitors, the exhibition is the most direct and effective way for them to develop international orders, and it is also the best platform for the layout of global market agents! The annual Cosmoprof Bologna beauty exhibition in Italy is the most eye-catching event in the global beauty industry. It is a century level event with the largest scale, the best effect and the strongest influence in the beauty industry. The exhibition is not only the most fruitful Beauty Exhibition for exhibitors to develop international orders, but also the best platform for global market agents.

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